Below you will find lesson plans and resources for teaching about the country of Bolivia in your Spanish classroom. If you create or find something interesting about Bolivia, please share in the comments and I will add it to this post.

Bolivia Lesson Plans

  • Bolivia and possessive adjectives: These 2 or 3 day lesson plans by Martina Bex will teach your students about Bolivia and possessive adjectives at the same time. You could exclude the grammar notes about possessive adjectives and be left with a great lesson about Bolivia for Spanish 1 or 2 students.
  • Los niños prisioneros: In Unit 14 of the Somos Curriculum by Martina Bex, the cultural component teaches about about children that live with their parents in Bolivian prisons. The target structures for the unit are no debes (hacer), el niño escucha, and lo que hace. Martina also sells the cultural component separately.

Further Resources

These resources are untapped potential. Some of them could be used by a teacher in a lesson plan, while others might only be useful for teachers who would like to learn more about Bolivia.


Country Facts

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