Updated January 4, 2018

While Halloween is an extraordinarily American holiday, that doesn’t mean that we can’t incorporate it into the world language classroom as well! Especially with students already looking forward to parties and Trick or Treating, it is a good idea to conduct their energy into something productive. In this post you will find many ways to incorporate Halloween into your language classroom with resources such as scary stories and songs.

PQA Ideas

Hold a class discussion with students about their Halloween plans. If Halloween already happened, then just ask the following questions in the past tense. Don’t forget to remind students that they can make up answers in PQA to keep it interesting! Don’t forget to read these tips for PQA before doing a class discussion in the target language.

  • Do you celebrate Halloween?
  • Will you eat candy?
  • Will you wear a costume?
  • Will you decorate your home?

Scary MovieTalks


  • Pumpkin Powerpoint: Cynthia Hitz shared this powerpoint by Marta Yedinak that has photos of cool pumpkins and offers MANY repetitions of the target structure parece (looks like or seems). It’s in Spanish, but it could be easily translated to other languages.
  • Talk about Costumes: Doing a PictureTalk of Halloween costumes is easy input. In this post you can find links to some of the pictures that Nathan used such as this Google Slides presentation about animal costumes.
  • Brain Break: If your students are in need of a brain break, show them this video of a street performer with a dancing skeleton.

Language-Specific Ideas & Resources

So far everything mentioned is possible for any language teacher to do. Now I will share some activities and resources that are only applicable for certain languages. Please click on the tabs below for all of the details. Unfortunately there aren’t many for languages other than Spanish. If you’ve made or found something that you would like to share, leave a comment!

Halloween in Spanish Class

Halloween in Chinese Class
Halloween in ESL or EFL
Halloween in German

TPRS Story Ideas

  • Michele Whaley posted a great story idea from “Karen C” about a werewolf who is seeking a girlfriend. It’s a bit more of Story Listening than Story Asking, but either way, it looks like fun!
  • Sarah Patin has a Halloween story with materials on her blog. The materials are all in Spanish, but she did post an English translation of the story as well!

Ideas for celebrating Halloween in Spanish, French, German, and other language classes.

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